Nyheter 20.06.2024

Advancing a sustainable energy system already for 20 years – Aidon Sustainability Report 2023 published

The beginning of this summer has been historically warm. While the warmth is enjoyable, especially for us living in the north, we are well aware that the continuous warming of the climate cannot continue, and stopping it requires action from all of us. Together with our customers, we at Aidon have taken significant steps to harness smart technology to facilitate the transition to a zero-emission energy system. We also want to work even more closely with our customers and partners towards increasingly efficient and user-friendly solutions to promote energy efficiency, reliability and safety of electricity distribution, and use of clean energy.

Our new sustainability report captures some of our efforts during 2023. It also demonstrates that sustainability entails and requires various actions. We have provided solutions for Smart Grids and Smart Metering sectors for over 20 years in order to promote sustainable development of our society. We fully intend to continue with this chosen path.

Tommi Blomberg
CEO, Aidon

Read more about our sustainability actions in the new Aidon Sustainability Report 2023.