Reflections 20.08.2021

Aidon Sustainability Report 2020 published: The sustainability paradigm

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published its first part of the 6th assessment report on Climate Change. It focuses on scientific information about humans’ impact in changing the environment.

In my mind, it is clear that we have to accept this as a paradigm and act accordingly. The nuances of how much the climate is changing, what the individual causes of the change are, or how much any individual nation can influence the change are creating a lot of interesting debate. However, it is secondary. The primary matter is that if nothing is done the consequences are severe.

Therefore, it is important that companies like Aidon take concrete actions towards a sustainable society. In Aidon we focus on providing technologically the most advanced products to the market and also providing opportunities to utilising those technological advances. For example, by measuring different phenomena in the electricity grid we can contribute to finding solutions for sustainability challenges.

Digitalisation and utilisation of data will be the key enablers for making local green energy production, wide deployment of electric vehicles and effective balancing of energy consumption and production work together seamlessly.

The good news is that so far humans collectively have only scratched the surface with the innovations and opportunities to influence the climate change. If we all do our part in searching and adopting the climate friendly solutions, we have an opportunity to limit the most severe consequences of climate change.

Tommi Blomberg
CEO, Aidon Oy

Read Aidon’s Sustainability Report 2020 about our contribution to prevention of climate change and other aspects of sustainability.