Aidon’s main owner is a Nordic investment fund Alder, who acquired a majority stake in Aidon 2013. Other owners are 2VK Invest, Finnish Industry Fund Ltd and key personnel in Aidon.

Alder is a Nordic investment fund with the aim of creating good opportunities for sustainable technology companies to accelerate growth and strategic development. All their companies contribute to sustainability benefits. In Alder’s role as active owner, they bring skills and capital, together with a broad network of industrialists and experts who strengthen boards and provide strategic advice. Read more at

“Aidon has made the concept of “smart grid” a reality in the low-voltage networks in the Nordic region. As a technology leader, Aidon has used new communication technology and innovative software to create a comprehensive system for reading, monitoring and controlling the networks, to the great benefit of both network owners and end customers.”

Dag Broman, Partner at Alder