Solution for managing field work processes

Aidon One is an efficient and easy-to-use SaaS solution for field work management, power grid management, AMM metering points and connectivity, as well as customer service. Aidon One is designed and optimised for the needs of energy distribution companies. It suits well also other businesses which have a need for a seamless management of field work processes, such as various installation and service companies. Designed for mobile use and with a map-based user-interface, Aidon One is an ideal tool for field staff, to be used on-site with a mobile device.

Aidon provides Aidon One as a secure cloud-based service and is responsible for its availability and information security, which makes its deployment and operation easy for the customer company.

Modularity brings customer-specific flexibility

Aidon One is built from modules which are designed for different type of tasks and purposes. These include work order management, power grid management, customer service, maintenance and AMI connectivity. Thanks to its modularity, the customer can choose and combine the modules for their need. When the needs change, the functionality of Aidon One can be easily upgraded.

Combines data from different systems to one service

The basic idea of Aidon One is to combine data from various systems to one map-based view and to allow seamless workflows and information sharing between people, teams and systems. This makes for example installers’ or maintenance crew’s work much more efficient compared to using many separate systems in parallel.

Wide customisation possibilities

Aidon One’s extensive customizing possibilities allow the service being used by various teams which can consist also of external companies. Furthermore, many of the functionalities for example work orders and maintenance modules are based on editable form templates, which makes it easy to tailor the forms and create new ones when needed.

Take Aidon One into use, when you want to provide your organisation with a solution for seamless workflows and real-time information in the following activities:

  • managing the field work
  • monitoring the daily status of AMM readings in each metering point
  • monitoring the status of the AMM connectivity and in case of problems, performing efficient troubleshooting
  • receiving alarms from faults and events in the low voltage network
  • performing and reporting on-site inspections and maintenance tasks
  • scheduling statutory network site inspections and preparing inspection reports
  • keeping your customers up-to-date of planned and ongoing service breaks
  • engaging your customers to report faults and other observations online



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