Vision & Values

Our vision is to become acknowledged as a Trusted Advisor and to be considered as the best supplier of Industrial Internet and Smart Grid Technology and services in the world.

Our mission is to provide Smart Grid solutions for an effective use of energy in our society. The vision is the compass for setting and executing our company strategy.

Our success is built on our culture, which is reflected in our values.

Customer value

The purpose of our work is to create value. Customers choose Aidon, since they recognise the value of our solutions, knowledge, expertise and enjoy working with us.


We are honest and straightforward in our communication, are open to ideas and allow innovation to flourish. Openness requires responsibility, trust and respect.

Keep promises

We are committed to delivering on our promises to each other, our customers and other stakeholders.

Ambitious targets

We have high ambitions in terms of sustainability, innovation and customer value creation and we strive for profitable growth. We seek customers and partners that are equally ambitious to help us to keep our leading edge.