IoT connectivity

The choice of communication technology plays a key role in the performance and reliability of the AMM system. Aidon offers connectivity technologies for different needs and circumstances, and they can be combined to deliver the best solution for the customer. The connectivity can also be obtained from us as a service.

Several factors influence the choice of connectivity solution

There are several factors that influence the choice of the most suitable connectivity solution. These include:

  • Amount and density of metering points
  • Geographical topology
  • Technological and operational requirements, such as the amount of data and the need for the real-time availability of data
  • Availability of suitable IoT networks and their capacity
  • Initial investment and operational lifecycle costs
  • Schedule of roll-out and transition phase into the new solution

The right connectivity technology in the right place

The needs for distribution system operators vary from company to company. Within the same distribution network area, there may be areas with very different consumption profiles, populations and geographies. Therefore, a combination of different technologies to a hybrid solution, allows utilisation of the advantages of each technology in every location inside the network.

The Aidon connectivity offering are based on two connectivity technology options or could be combined to a hybrid solution:

Radiobased RF Mesh network – for urban and suburban areas

The energy service devices use each other to build mesh networks that re-route automatically.  In this solution, the slave devices transmit data via other devices or directly to the master device. Master devices use 2G/4G connection to communicate with the head-end system. Alternatively, the utility’s own Ethernet connection can be used. The RF solution is particularly suitable for urban and suburban areas where metering points are close enough to each other to create a mesh network.

Point-to-Point (P2P) – for remote locations and industry

In the point-to-point solution the metering devices are in direct connection with the head-end system via LTE-M / NB-IoT network, using their own IoT subscription. In terms of accessibility, capacity and cost, this solution is best suited for meters which are distant from each other, and to metering points with high consumption, such as industrial sites.

Aidon helps customers in designing the best solution for each purpose. This is to ensure flexibility and scalability of the connectivity during installations and throughout the whole system lifecycle, for example in case the amount of transferred data increases or operator services develop.

Flexible service package

For customers who prefer to obtain connectivity as a total service at a fixed price, Aidon’s Connectivity as a Service offering is the choice. In the service, Aidon is responsible for the connectivity between the devices and the system according to the agreed service level. The service includes the choice of the most suitable IoT operator service with data subscriptions, as well as a  service agreement with the selected operator, provided by Aidon. Aidon’s technology expertise is available for the customer as part of the service. Thanks to this, the customer company does not have to devote its own resources in the managing, monitoring and maintaining mobile connectivity for AMI.

eSIM for guaranteed service level throughout the entire life cycle

In addition, the customer can take advantage of our eSIM service, which guarantees reliable, flexible and operator-independent IoT connectivity throughout the system lifecycle. Devices equipped with an eSIM solution can be automatically or in a controlled manner transferred to another operator’s service to ensure, for example, the required service level or competitive pricing.