Aidon makes sense – Our brand story

When Aidon started back in 2004, the founders anticipated significant development and changes in the energy sector in the years to come. This change would require a significant growth of renewable energy in the energy system, improved energy efficiency and securing stability in the distribution of electricity to the consumers. The anticipations became a reality and today energy markets are changing faster than ever before. At that time, we took up the challenge and started designing such energy metering solutions that would promote the realisation of a new type of energy system – the smart grid.

Aidon seeks to always be ahead of the development by working in a close cooperation with such distribution network operators who boldly look to the future and have ambitious goals for the development of the smart grid. We always strive to create a shared vision with our customers of the solution that best suits them, and whose performance and adaptability to future needs meet their goals. Our way of working has made us a leading innovator in our industry, producing sensible solutions suitable for our customers’ diverse operating environments. Our brand promise is ‘Makes sense’.

Our brand image reflects our Nordic identity: it is fresh and clear, modern and dynamic. The variation of colours and shades in our brand images during the 24 hours of the day reflect constant change and passage of time. The images represent the ever-present nature of electricity in the modern society where people live their lives and rely on a stable and secure energy supply. Aidon’s advanced smart metering innovations and technology are enablers in supporting a sustainable, real-time society that can function reliably every minute all year around.

Our brand photos show views of our customers’ operating environments. In the location of every picture there is Aidon’s advanced technology in use.