Expert services

Our expert services support our customers in the use and maintenance of our products as well as in problem solving throughout the lifetime.

Service Desk – for daily needs

Service Desk serves our customers with daily questions and problem solving. With a strong knowledge of Aidon’s products and solutions as well as various customer system environments, the Service Desk provides professional and efficient assistance in accordance with the customer service agreement.

Training – to keep you updated

Our trainings provide customers with the expertise they need to use and maintain their Aidon solutions. The training offering includes system- and device-focused trainings that are open to all customers, as well as tailormade trainings for customers who has a need for that.

Project management & consulting – flexible solution

Our experienced professionals bring their expertise to our customers in a mutually agreed manner and scope. The services are available for large-scale system roll-out and deployment projects, smaller upgrade or integration projects, as well as assignments that require special expertise.