Press releases 17.01.2023

Three large Finnish regional distribution system operators renew their electricity distribution network with Aidon’s metering and service technology

As a result of joint tendering, three large regional electricity distribution network companies Järvi-Suomen Energia, Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko and PKS Sähkönsiirto have chosen Aidon’s energy metering solution. Aidon will supply the companies with a total of approximately 300,000 next-generation electricity meters with connectivity services and installations. In addition, Aidon will supply the companies with energy metering and metering data management services for a period of ten years. The metering data management service is based on a solution from the global software provider Hansen Technologies. Aidon’s subcontractor, infrastructure service company Elvera, is responsible for the device installations. The total value of the contract is more than EUR 50 million and is one of Aidon’s largest contracts.

In the tendering process, the aim of the companies’ procurement was to establish a high-quality, cost-effective comprehensive solution for remote metering of electrical energy which would develop according to the needs of the companies and the electricity market.

– Aidon offers us a competitive and modern total solution for the implementation of metering data management. The metering devices respond to our customers’ requirements in an excellent way, and the IT systems are implemented utilising the latest technology. This forms a solid foundation and will bring ease and cost-effectiveness to the development of new services for our customers in the future, says Jouni Pylvänäinen, CEO of Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy.

According to Arto Nieminen, CEO of Järvi-Suomen Energia, the new metering solution has an important task contributing to the security of electricity supply.

– We have high expectations for using AMR measurements in low-voltage network monitoring. The chosen solution also provides an opportunity for proactive utilisation the data from consumption and micro production in the operation and planning of our network, says Arto Nieminen.

The new generation of meters enables households to monitor and manage their own energy consumption more easily and in real time.

– Real bidirectionality is the starting point for a new kind of electricity network, where own production of electricity, various energy communities, consumption optimisation and demand response are commonplace, making our customers active players in the electricity market, says Pertti Menonen, CEO of PKS Sähkönsiirto.

Aidon has invested significantly in the development of its service and hardware platform, which enables flexible addition of new features that meet future requirements. Aidon utilises modern technologies in its  solutions, including high sampling frequency of the metering devices, intelligent grid management algorithms and the latest IoT connectivity solutions.

– The agreement with three strong regional distribution network companies will significantly increase Aidon’s business. It will bring almost ten per cent of the entire electricity consumption points in Finland with a large distribution network area within the scope of our services. The recent discussion related to energy sufficiency has raised the importance of smart metering as a particularly prioritised and topical issue. We want to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable energy system, and we will continue to invest in the continuous development of our solutions together with our customers and strong partners, says Tommi Blomberg, CEO of Aidon.

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