Press releases 29.06.2023

Stadtwerk Hassfurt starts a pilot project for the Aidon transformer station measurement and monitoring solution

Aidon and the Stadtwerk Hassfurt municipal utility have signed a contract for the supply and installation of the Aidon metering and monitoring solution for low-voltage distribution transformer stations. In a pilot project, a few stations in the network area of the utility will shortly be equipped with the Aidon metering system.

The solution is based on the smart Aidon 7000-series transformer meters combined with IoT sensors. One of the things the devices measure are voltage fluctuations to identify network problems early on. Moreover, the system can provide all the measurement data required in accordance with DIN 50160 to guarantee constant network stability and to optimise it as needed.

In addition, Stadtwerk Hassfurt will receive sensor data and alarm messages from the stations in real time. Incidents such as overheating (temperature), water ingress, a short circuit or unauthorised access can be detected and reported.

– We have invested a lot in the sustainable power production and we supply all our customers with renewable energy. The next step is the development of an intelligent distribution network, a so-called Smart Grid. We believe that the systems from Aidon can support us in this project. I am very much looking forward to launching the pilot and gaining experience with the solution, says Felix Zösch, Engineering Manager and Authorised Signatory at Stadtwerk Hassfurt GmbH.

– As a forward-thinking utility, Stadtwerk Hassfurt is developing a modern sustainable power network which is capable of keeping the various renewable energy sources and the rapidly increasing electrification in the area of heat generation and electromobility under control. The easy to implement monitoring solution from Aidon for low-voltage transformer stations will support the company in this endeavour. We are proud of the trust that Stadtwerk Hassfurt has placed in Aidon smart grid solutions and look forward to a good working relationship, says Carlo Lazar, Sales Director at Aidon.