Customer case stories 07.02.2022

Aidon One renewed field work management and installers’ working practices

A few years ago, metering work management at Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks was transferred to Aidon One platform. As a result, work processes were renewed, and old systems could be abandoned. The biggest impacts of the renewal: several person-months of savings per year in working time. From scheduling to customer communication, workflows are now managed seamlessly between various team members involved.

Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks is one of Finland’s largest urban energy distribution system operators. The company employs 70 electricity network professionals and manages more than 138,000 electricity meters in the city of Vantaa. The company is also responsible for the metering of approximately 6,500 district heating sites with related equipment installations. Approximately 10,000 metering tasks are performed annually: new installations, replacements and dismantling works.

Today all metering work for electricity and district heat are managed as work orders in Aidon One, which receives the tasks straight from the customer information system via an integration interface. In addition to the company’s own and contractor partners’ installers, people working in field service support functions are using Aidon One. User rights are defined by roles. This ensures that each Aidon One user has only the information and views they need for their own work. This also makes it easy for new users to adopt Aidon One.

Extra work steps eliminated

With Aidon One’s map view, it’s easy to plan and assign installers’ work by area. When an installer can plan tasks in the same area for the same day, time and mileage are saved. With Aidon One’s inbuilt navigation finding destinations is efficient.

At the site, the installer uses Aidon One on a mobile device to verify the details of the metering point and the installed meter, fills in the information related to the task and acknowledges it done.

Arto Flink, field service manager, Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks.

– As we began to streamline and automate our processes, we analysed thoroughly what information we really needed and where the installers’ time is spent. In the past, registering the meter installation work on a PDA required a considerable amount of time from the installer. We wanted to get rid of the repeated entries that the installer had to go through with every installation, field service manager Arto Flink says.

– All extra steps have now been eliminated. On an annual basis, installers save time equal to a total of about half a million entries – practically 2-3 months of work that was previously away from the installer’s actual work.

Customer communication is a seamless part of the work process

As the replacement of the electricity meter causes a short power outage, customers must always be informed in advance. In the past, installers toured, among other things, distributing notifications to customers ’mailboxes. Today meter changes are notified to customers via text messages sent from Aidon One. The messages use pre-created text templates to which the necessary customer- and task-specific information is imported from the work orders. Thus, the complete workflow is managed on one tool, Aidon One.