News articles 27.10.2022

Alingsås Energi chose Aidon for a turn-key metering solution

Alingsås Energi and Aidon have signed a contract for the delivery of a new electricity metering solution to Alingsås. The contract includes ca. 15,000 smart electricity meters, a head-end-system, a connectivity solution as well as the map-based Aidon One application for efficient overview of metering collection performance and power grid alarm management.

In the photo: Rikard Bern, CEO of Alingsås Energi and Bora Heggdal, Managing Director of Aidon Sweden

The reason for the meter change is the new law that will enter into force in January 2025 in Sweden, which imposes new requirements on electricity meters. With the help of new meters, customers of Alingsås Energi will be able to monitor their consumption in real time and measure, for example, their own production of electricity by solar cells. The new metering system makes it possible for Alingsås Energi to better plan, and more efficiently operate, its electricity distribution network. Among the capabilities with the system is the possibility to remotely perform connections and disconnections of individual customers. The new meters are equipped with a HAN port that enables the customers to get detailed information about their consumption, which is essential when monitoring and planning electricity use.

– After a procurement process and a careful evaluation of the proposals, we are happy to have passed an important milestone and look forward to starting the project with Aidon, who provided the best solution from a technical and financial point of view. The solution very well meets Alingsås Energi’s requirement for meters, head-end-system and field service organisation, says Einar Ström, Project Manager at Alingsås Energi.

– From the new solution we expect meter reading collection with improved quality while naturally meeting the demands and regulations in the market. In addition, we look for an increased opportunity for statistical monitoring of electricity grid status. We also expect lower running costs thanks to the stability of the solution, Einar Ström continues.

– We are very pleased to start the cooperation with Alingsås Energi, for the solution which will consist of our latest generation Aidon 7000-series meters and a hybrid connectivity solution consisting of both RF-mesh and LTE-M/NB-IoT technologies. With the new solution, Alingsås Energi will get extensive monitoring and management capabilities for their distribution network, enabling faster response and efficient operation, says Bora Heggdal, Managing Director of Aidon Sweden.

Aidon’s subcontractor Hydrostandard will carry out the installations. The large-scale roll-out is planned to start in summer 2023.