News articles 11.11.2022

Rolf Pedersen’s work for intelligent energy distribution innovations awarded at CINELDI annual meeting

Rolf Pedersen was awarded on the CINELDI annual meeting on 8th November with CINELDI 2022 prize for his contribution to promoting research collaboration, innovation, communication, user involvement and internationalisation within intelligent energy distribution.

CINELDI – Centre for Intelligent Electricity Distribution, is an international research collaboration and a research centre for environmentally friendly energy, based in Norway. Its aim is to foster the development of future’s flexible, robust and intelligent electrical distribution system. Aidon is a partner and contributor to CINELDI and is involved in several research projects related to utilisation of AMM data for safer, real-time monitored and more sustainable distribution of energy.

Rolf Pedersen and Aidon are the 4th awardee of the annual CINELDI prize. The award committees’ reasoning for this year’s awardee:

“The prize is awarded because of the way Rolf Pedersen and Aidon have contributed and supported CINELDI since the beginning by active information sharing about the importance of the activities and results of CINELDI’s work. Rolf is a very good ambassador for Aidon through his activities in pilots, expert groups, in the election committee and eventually also as a board member. Aidon have also been clear about the importance of the partnership with CINELDI to the company.

Rolf has detailed technical knowledge and is very open to sharing knowledge and experience. He rapidly coordinates technical expertise to support and participate in research activities in CINELDI. He is very committed to increasing the value for the DSOs by finding new application areas for the existing technology.”

– We think it is important to be part of the development in the energy market and contribute to a sustainable energy transition with our ambitions, skills, technical solutions and services. AMM, as an example, provides a nationwide platform that should be utilised to reach our common goals of a reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient distribution of energy. It provides excellent possibilities e.g. for enhanced consumer engagement, DSOs’ operational and financial efficiency, protection of our critical infrastructure, to name a few examples. I’m happy to be involved in the activities of CINELDI which is doing an important work to promote these initiatives, and feel very honoured about this award, Rolf says.

CINELDI, a research centre for environmentally friendly energy is financed by partners and the Research Council of Norway. The centre is operational for 8 years (2016–2024), and is led by Gerd Kjølle, SINTEF. The centre develops a knowledge base for DSOs and authorities so that they can establish good strategies to optimise their operations. The centre delivers a large volume of innovations, results, and scientific publications. In addition, the centre contributes to significant competence development, among other things in the form of approx. 30 PhD/Postdoc scholarship holders. Finally, CINELDI will deliver a transition strategy as part of the process of bringing the current distribution network over to a future-oriented distribution network that is robust, flexible, secure and sustainable.