News articles 19.10.2021

Halmstad chose Aidon – quality and reliability the decisive factors

As a result of the metering system tendering, the distribution system operator Halmstads Energi och Miljö (HEM), owned by the southern Swedish city of Halmstad, chose Aidon as their supplier. The company expects the new system to offer a view to the status of the distribution network, so that potential faults and disruptions will get detected even before the customer calls.

During Halmstad’s metering system renewal, the company’s 43,500 electricity meters will be replaced with new Aidon 6000 series devices. In addition, 3,000 district heating meters will be connected to the new reading system delivered by Aidon. The new system will be integrated with HEM’s distribution management, which offers a view, for instance, to network disruptions and fault locations.

– Our expectations are high. Our vision is that when a customer takes contact to report a fault, we can say that we have detected the fault and are already fixing it. A significant benefit brought by the new system is the possibility to monitor the low voltage network and that way improve our network operations, says Peter Addicksson, engineer responsible for Halmstad’s metering activities.

In the longer term, he wishes that he can provide the customers more new services enabled by the functionality of Aidon’s system. According to Addickson, the basis for choosing Aidon was the fact that the company met the extensive functional requirements set by HEM in the procurement.

– Aidon is a reliable supplier, and we have heard a lot of good things about the company. The quality of Aidon’s devices and reading system are good. We feel like we made a secure choice, Peter Addicksson says.