News articles 10.11.2020

Aidon chosen as the partner for Elenia’s AMM renewal

Elenia has selected Aidon as the supplier of its next generation AMM solution. The solution consists of measuring devices, a communication solution and a reading service with interfaces. Voimatel Oy is responsible for meter installations. Preparatory work for the implementation of the project will begin during the end of this year and the main focus of the project is scheduled for years 2021-2024.

“This is a great closure for over one year’s innovation project of Elenia in which we utilised new technologies to develop all parts of the AMM solution, with the aim of creating significant business process benefits for Elenia. This development work also creates a strong foundation for Finland’s next-generation AMM infrastructure,” says Petteri Heinänen, Aidon’s Business unit director for Finland.

The increasing share of renewable electricity production and electrification of traffic will change the entire energy system, which will also require the development of electricity grid services. Elenia is preparing for these changes by modernising the electricity grid, its technology and the measurement of electricity consumption through its development work.

Elenia serves 430,000 household, corporate and community customers in more than one hundred municipalities in Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia. We see to the functionality and renewal of the electricity network and build electricity networks and connections together with our partner companies. We meter our customers’ electricity consumption and deliver the data to electricity suppliers. We are developing the electricity network of the future by utilising state-of-the-art technology. We care for the environment and promote the development of the Finnish electricity market. Sustainability is at the core of our operations and services. Read the Elenia and Sustainability 2019 Report at

Voimatel is a service provider of professional lifecycle services and solutions for telecommunication and electrical power networks and systems. Voimatel helps its customers succeed by delivering mission critical networks and systems through highly dependable expertise, continuously improving solutions and flexible collaboration. Being one of the largest service providers in the field, Voimatel’s customers include telecommunication service providers in the Baltic region and Central Europe, major power grid operators and energy suppliers in Finland, global telecommunication equipment manufacturers as well as major private sector businesses and local authorities. Its 900 employees are based in Finland and Estonia. Voimatel is wholly owned by the Finnish KPY Cooperative. More information