Reflections 20.11.2020

Tommi Blomberg, CEO, Aidon Oy: The changing market requires new operating models

Many established practices in the energy distribution industry are changing. Several megatrends of this decade have become a reality and part of our everyday life. In addition to the traditional basic premises of energy distribution – reliability and cost-effectiveness – climate change, local clean energy production, information security and the demand for sustainable development will steer the choices of today and the future. This applies to both individuals and companies.

Efficiency and sustainability are sought in new operational models, such as the use of intelligent platforms. Significant cost, efficiency and environmental benefits can be achieved when intelligent platform solutions are combined with companies’ own core business to create a seamless entity. This is the core idea of Aidon’s service concept: the advanced technology solutions developed by Aidon for the needs of energy distribution companies are combined with the superior capacity, scalability and security of cloud-based platform solutions.

Aidon has invested heavily in the development of this concept in recent years. We are now ready to offer our customers a whole new set of intelligent and automated metering, analytics and management services that enable significantly better data utilisation through efficient data transfer. We have created a platform on which we, together with our customers and application development partners, can develop completely new applications or take advantage of ready-made solutions. At the same time, we have taken a giant leap in the development of our IoT metering devices, more specifically in the accuracy of the diagnostics produced by the devices and the usability of the data in the grid companies’ processes.

The new concept of Aidon is called Digital Service Providing. Its strength lies in the automated, secure and closely monitored processes. The unique end-to-end solution of Aidon – from metering devices to business systems – creates many opportunities for example in the identification of electricity network phenomena, monitoring and control of network load and planning of network investments. The end-to-end model opens up opportunities for innovative joint development.

When considering next-generation metering solutions, our customers now have a choice which allows optimising the investments in metering infrastructure, telecommunications solutions and the IT environment and makes available the results of continuous development of the world’s leading cloud technology players – all through Aidon as a service providing partner with a high level of industry competence. At the same time, we provide our customers with a continuously protected system environment and data processing in accordance with the industry’s most demanding security standards. In the future, we also aim to enable an efficient and direct delivery pipeline with integration of measurement data to national data hubs – the Meter to Hub (M2H) service.

The era of a new generation of services has begun.