Press releases 13.06.2024

Over 1 million energy metering points in Aidon’s Metering Service

In June 2024, Aidon reached a remarkable milestone: now over 1 million energy metering points are connected to Aidon’s MaaS, Metering as a Service. A few years ago, Aidon took the strategic decision to invest in service platform technology and enter the service business.

– We received a clear signal from many Finnish distribution system operators to expand our offering to include metering service. We assessed that it would be a strategically sound decision to invest in the development of a service platform. Reaching the milestone of one million connections proves that our assessment was correct. Distribution system operators are increasingly willing to rely on the expertise of a knowledgeable partner for their metering operations, says Aidon’s CEO Tommi Blomberg.

Finnish DSOs are currently upgrading their metering solutions to new generation, so called AMR 2.0. Along with this process, several companies, including Elenia, Helen Sähköverkko, Järvi-Suomen Energia, Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko and PKS Sähkönsiirto, Porvoon Sähköverkko and Keravan Energia, have joined Aidon’s MaaS service.

– In the MaaS model, Aidon is responsible for the operation of the entire metering solution on behalf of the customer, including the delivery of metering data within the agreed SLA targets, as well as monitoring and maintenance of the related IT infrastructure and data security. The service is produced using Aidon’s own technology, with our own experts operating the service, says Juha Järvenpää, Service Business Owner at Aidon.

Tampereen Energia Sähköverkko Oy has recently started the AMM renewal which covers 130,000 metering points. With the company’s 50,000 existing smart meters transferred to Aidon metering service at the beginning of June, the milestone of one million metering points was surpassed. According to Petri Sihvo, the CEO of Tampereen Sähköverkko Oy, the company’s choice of MaaS was based on its practicality and anticipation of future needs:

– MaaS provides us and our customers with a fast and, in the future, almost real-time reporting of metering data. By acquiring a comprehensive service package, we reduce the interfaces between service providers and potential bottlenecks.

Aidon CEO Tommi Blomberg, p. +358 40 642 8185, email

Aidon is the leading provider of smart grid and smart metering solutions, applications and services in the Nordics. Our systems enable reliable metering and distribution of energy as well as efficient maintenance processes of distribution networks for our customers. The technology supplied by Aidon is in use in almost 5 million energy metering points in the Nordic countries. Our head office is in Jyväskylä, Finland, our Swedish office in Stockholm, the Norwegian office in Asker and the Danish office in Copenhagen. Our production and logistics center is located in Vantaa, Finland. Since November 2023, Aidon is part of Gridspertise, a global player dedicated to supporting distribution system operators in accelerating the digital transformation of electricity grids.