Reflections 03.09.2019

New CEO Tommi Blomberg points out the direction for the future

Innovations, future-proof solutions and genuine value for both grid companies and their customers. – These are on the top of the agenda when Aidon’s new CEO, Tommi Blomberg, sets sights on the future.

– Climate change, digitalization, urbanization and new energy choices have a big impact on Nordic DSOs’ operating environment and business. They have an ongoing need for new solutions and services that benefit both them and their end customers. This is where we are helping them to solve problems and challenges, says Tommi Blomberg, new CEO at Aidon since June 8.

Tommi Blomberg took over the role of CEO at Aidon after having been CFO for some time. Now he points out the direction for the future.

– We are a trendsetter in the Nordic region for smart grids with related software and service applications. We have been doing this for fifteen years and will continue to do so in the future. Our goal is to keep our position as the leading innovator in our branch.

Innovations with immediate value

Aidon has a proven method for creating customer value.
– We call it Customer Driven Innovations. Based on this method we are working actively with our customers, not driven by technology but by a deep understanding of their business, Blomberg says.

The increasing share of fossil-free energy generation, such as solar and wind power, require more detailed data from the grid, more frequently, to manage supply and demand. Also, the shift from hourly to more frequent measurements, calls for powerful, intelligent and automated solutions to be able to deal with the magnitude of information – a challenge all DSOs in the Nordics are currently facing.

– To effectively solve this challenge, we at Aidon are continuously working to improve and innovate our solution platform for the DSOs. This is made possible through close dialogue with our customers. The results of such co-creation are innovations which revolutionize current working methods – not only of a single company but all DSOs on the market. We have a great track record of introducing disrupting solutions, such as remote SW upload to meters and a remotely controlled circuit breaker, to name a few – and we will not stop.

Service focus

Blomberg is very aware of DSOs ever-increasing need for new applications, features and services to best utilize the data. Aidon’s new map-based SaaS solution built to support DSO’s metering operations, grid maintenance and customer service – all in one service – is a good example of such value-adding applications. It has already become a daily tool for dozens of Finnish DSOs. Aidon is currently upgrading it with new features based on customers’ ideas and it will be available for new markets very soon. Blomberg is convinced it will become an essential tool for DSOs beyond Finland as well.

– We don’t have ready answers to all our customers’ challenges, but we have the competence, the flexibility and the passion to create solutions that will bring the DSOs’ daily operations to the next level. Together with our customers, we continue developing our technology and service platform to create real value, Blomberg concludes.