Reflections 19.03.2019

Enabling smart energy lifestyles

Timo Chrons, CEO, Aidon Oy:

Sustainable production, distribution and consumption of energy drive the change on the energy markets. Climate change will influence politics, investments, and consumer behaviour. Shifting consumer dynamics has led to a lifestyle where all-time availability of electricity is a basic need. At the same time, the interest in managing one’s energy consumption is increasing, which creates demand for smart connectivity solutions.

Society’s challenges are our challenges. The long-term goal of Aidon’s strategy is to enable a smart, sustainable, digital, and de-centralized energy system. We aim to proactively meet expectations of our important stakeholders through our commitment to responsible business and a culture of transparency.

Since Aidon’s start, listening to our customers and understanding their business has been the foundation on which we base the development of our solutions. We will uncompromisingly continue on this path. We promise to maintain our high technology competence and continuously seek for ways to provide sustainable solutions together with our customers and long-term partners.

We aim to contribute to the growth of green industry in all countries where we operate. Sustainability is part of our continuous effort to future-proof our business and at the heart of our entire business. To us, corporate sustainability entails environmental, societal, economical, and ethical issues. We have defined sustainability goals for the whole company and we monitor their progress on a quarterly basis. You can read our annual sustainability report on our website.