News articles 01.03.2019

Aidon to deliver next generation AMM solution to Norrtälje Energi

Tomas Karlsson, CEO of Norrtälje Energi and Fredrik Rex, Managing Director of Aidon Sweden shook hands to confirm the newly signed contract. In the middle: planning and project manager, Christer Toftgård, Norrtälje Energi

Norrtälje Energi and Aidon signed on 22nd January a contract for next generation AMM solution to be delivered by Aidon. The project covers the delivery and installation of 16 500 energy service devices as well as Gateware central system. In addition, Norrtälje Energi will utilize the multi-utility functionality of Aidon system for reading the company’s district heat meters via the same metering system. The project has started already and large-scale installations will start in summer 2019.