News articles 07.06.2019

The CEO of Aidon will change

The CEO of Aidon will change. The new CEO, effective 8th June, is Tommi Blomberg, who has worked as Aidon’s Chief Financial Officer since April 2017. Timo Chrons, who has been the CEO of Aidon for 15 years, will take a new role as Vice Chairman of Aidon board of directors.

”Aidon’s development to the leading provider of smart energy metering and smart grid applications in the Nordics has been based on our capability to deliver solutions which are valuable to our customers’ business. Along with the customers’ changing needs also Aidon must transform to a company with a stronger focus on providing and processing information, and we need new energy to implement the change. With pleasure I hand the task over to Tommi, with whom we have worked in close cooperation for more than two years. I want to thank our customers and partners for the rewarding years and for the good cooperation, which I strongly believe will continue and develop.”
Timo Chrons

”Timo has made a unique and remarkable effort in leading Aidon to the position where we are now.
I respect his decision to move from the CEO position to a new role in the board of Aidon. My target is to take Aidon’s story forward by focusing our business more strongly on services and software, and by doing so ensure that we continue to be a listening and innovative value-added partner for our customers.”
Tommi Blomberg