News articles 28.09.2023

LSW Netz starts a pilot with Aidon

The German distribution system operator LSW Netz and Aidon are starting a joint pilot project for low-voltage transformer station metering and monitoring.

The purpose of the pilot project is to collect information about power quality from the low-voltage network. At the same time, the state of the system is monitored with the help of sensor data, so that possible deviations can be quickly reported.

LSW Netz in Wolfsburg has a total of 200,000 electricity metering points in their network. In the home town of large car industry, the pace of electrification including solar power, heat pumps and electric vehicles is fast. Due to this, there is a high need for real-time management of the distribution network.

Furthermore, both natural and man-made external factors such as extreme weather conditions and vandalism create a need to get real-time information about events at transformer stations.

With the Aidon solution, LSW Netz takes the first step towards improved awareness of their distribution grid. The cost-efficient and fast-to-deploy Aidon Trafo solution provides valuable insights for both immediate and preventive actions, helping to secure reliable distribution of energy.

The collected information is visualised in Aidon One field work management application, which shows deviations as status alarms on a map in real time.