News articles 27.09.2019

Härjeåns Nät chooses Aidon

Härjeåns Nät, a DSO in central eastern Sweden, will replace their old metering system with Aidon technology. With the new system, the company seeks reliable and stable readings which has been a big challenge for them until now.

– We will now have a system which will give us stable metering values. With the old system it’s been a tough job to get in the values in time, and due to that, billing has been delayed. With the new meters we will get a better cashflow, says Mikael Råstedt, Manager, Network Services at Härjeåns Nät.

In addition to their older main metering system Härjeåns Nät has had about a thousand Aidon meters in use for a couple years. They have proven to be a reliable product. Now Härjeåns is scaling up and will change their complete system with 22,000 meters to an Aidon solution within the next two years.

– We are very happy with the meters we have had from Aidon, as well as the knowledge and help we have got from the company. Also the price level is good, Råstedt says.

What will you get with the new system?

– There is actually one thing more important than anything else, and it is stable and reliable readings. And then there is the status overview: if you come to work on Monday morning and see that a meter is not delivering values, you can send someone to check it right-away. My vision is that power grid operations should have already sent out work orders in the morning.

But it is not just about meters – it is about a complete system with new possibilities. After all, this will provide better service to our customers.

What does this mean for your customers, then?

– We will be able to provide more frequent updates of measurement values on ’My pages’. There the customers can track their consumption in a completely different way than before. We have many summer cottages and mountain cottages in our area. If you live in other parts of the country, you are interested in seeing how much electricity your cottage is consuming, and being able to manage that more efficiently in the future.