Nyhetsartikler 16.06.2022

Aidon to deliver a total service solution for Helsinki downtown metering renewal

Helen Electricity Network has chosen Aidon’s solution for the renewal of electricity metering system in Helsinki downtown area. The contract includes the delivery 120,000 new metering devices with installation as well as Aidon’s remote reading service and connectivity service both for the new devices and the existing installed base of previous generation Aidon devices. The contract is a continuation to Helen Electricity Network’s and Aidon’s long-term collaboration which now, with the services, will be significantly extended.

The metering and connectivity solution to be delivered has been designed to meet the requirements of a metropolitan environment in terms of the space, installability and performance. Device connectivity will be implemented as a combination of RF-solution and LTE-M-/ NB-IoT-based point-to-point solution. The choice of communication technology will be done according to the location of each metering point. The devices to be delivered will be Aidon 6000 and 7000 series energy service devices for households, services and small industrial sites.

In the first phase of the project Aidon’s remote reading service will be deployed and a total of 170,000 metering devices already in use will be transferred to the system. During the mass installations starting in summer 2023, a total of 120,000 of these will be replaced with new devices. Aidon’s partner Eltel will be responsible for the device installations.

CEO of Helen Electricity Network, Markus Lehtonen, and Aidon’s CEO Tommi Blomberg

– This contract is a great continuation and expansion to the 14 years’ collaboration between Helen Electricity Network and Aidon. The chosen solution is future-proof, creating capabilities for distribution grid management which is based on even more accurate data than before. The common will of our companies to develop solutions that serve the entire industry provides an excellent starting point for the continuation of our collaboration, Aidon’s CEO Tommi Blomberg.

– The solution offered by Aidon combines modern metering devices and technology solutions, competent field work organisation and metering service model to meet the needs of a challenging urban environment. The contract enables, on its part, the electricity network of Helsinki to serve as an even better platform for environmentally friendly energy services, which will be needed for the shift to an emission-free energy system, CEO of Helen Electricity Network, Markus Lehtonen.

The selected installation partner Eltel and Aidon also have a long history together from several projects. The most recent of them are the mass installations of the 700,000 devices in Oslo area during 2016-2018 and the on-going meter renewal projects in Sweden.

– It’s great that our partnership continues also in Finland. The mass renewal of meters will bring us more work in the electricity distribution area of Helsinki, where we are already responsible for network construction and maintenance and, to a large extent, also for field work related to metering as a partner of Helen Electricity Network, Managing Director of Eltel Finland, Juha Luusua.