Refleksjoner 05.07.2022

Aidon Sustainability Report 2021 published: The choice is ours

Sustainability is about the choices that every one of us makes every day. Many of these choices happen without us consciously thinking about the effect they have on global warming. In the big picture, however, every choice we make matters.

We strive to instil this idea more firmly in Aidon’s everyday choices as well. Change starts with us and our own way of acting. Sometimes, however, an external factor accelerates the change, as illustrated by the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. At Aidon, we used to travel a lot in the past, to meet customers, partners and sometimes even colleagues. Covid-19 guided us to many new methods of working. Meetings moved online and the working days to home offices. Without even realizing it, we had made a significant climate action on our own scale. At the same time, we have done a favour to our own wellbeing. Two years with no business trips helped us to realize how time-consuming and tiring frequent traveling is. Of course, now it’s very gratifying to be able to meet people face to face again. However, the idea of going back to the way it was before seems unrealistic – instead, we should take an advantage of this opportunity to balance when we travel to meetings and when an online meeting is a reasonable option, for making a more sustainable choice.

We have recently also made many right choices with a significant sustainability impact in the design and development of our products. Our new 7000-series smart metering device is a concrete example of our continuous innovation work in which we combine customer needs, new ideas and in-depth technology expertise. In its design, we paid careful attention to minimising the device’s own energy consumption and minimising the usage of components and raw material. The average hourly electricity consumption of a single device decreased by 16 %, the material used to make PCBs by 9.7 % and the amount of copper by 2.5 % compared to previous product series. The result is a unique product which provides unprecedented grid sensor and analytics capabilities and a high customer value, all in an even more sustainable package.

Our mission is to provide smart grid solutions to enable an effective use of energy and sustainable lifestyle in our society. We are committed to this by paying attention to the choices we make in our everyday work when designing and developing our solutions.

Read more about our sustainability actions in the new Aidon Sustainability Report 2021.

Tommi Blomberg
CEO, Aidon Oy