Nyhedsartikler 08.08.2023

Sustainability focus, more important than ever

The business environment is ever-changing. The recent year has shown that the energy market is vulnerable to the effects of various crises, resulting in increased electricity prices and resource scarcity like gas. As a result, sustainability initiatives have experienced both heightened and at the same time diminished attention.

At Aidon, we recognise the paramount importance of maintaining our dedication to creating climate-friendly and resource-efficient solutions for our customers. Our technological advancements and services for Smart Grids and Smart Metering contribute to the overall sustainable development of society. For instance, real-time energy usage data has become more critical than ever for end-consumers to effectively monitor and manage their energy consumption.

Aidon will continue to build upon the solid foundation of our ongoing environmental efforts, aligning with Aidon’s Sustainability strategy. We continuously establish and enhance our targets, metrics, and measurement methods.

Sustainability is embedded in the Aidon Way to Act: in our work, practices, processes, and human interactions. It serves as a compass, guiding us at Aidon to determinedly address the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow, even during times of crisis.

I’m proud to release our new Sustainability report which summarises our last year’s sustainability initiatives and Key Performance Indicators. It also presents a case study about a major innovation project that has high ambitions in terms of sustainability: the next-generation smart metering project which is progressing at full speed together with our customer Elenia in Finland.

Tommi Blomberg
CEO, Aidon

Read more about our sustainability actions in the new Aidon Sustainability Report 2022.