Nyhetsartikler 17.10.2022

Tornion Energia chose Aidon’s devices and metering service

Tornion Energia and Aidon have signed an agreement on an energy metering renewal project. Aidon will supply Tornion Energia with new energy service devices with a connectivity solution and metering service. Tornion Energia is responsible for the device installations. Aidon One service will be used in the planning and management of installations.

The preparations for the project are currently underway, and the first pilot devices will be installed before the end of the current year. The actual installations and operative use of the system will begin in April 2023. From then on, all new devices will be measuring in 15-minute series in accordance with EU regulations. All meters in Tornio will be replaced with new Aidon devices area by area in the next few years.

Reijo Sorvoja, Operations Manager at Tornion Energia, says that the choice of the new solution was based, among other factors, on user experiences of other DSOs. The company’s network area is a dense town environment, for which Aidon’s RF-based mesh communication solution is well suited. The advantages of Aidon’s RF solution include flexibility in terms of the placement of master devices and a reasonable number of mobile operator subscriptions. However, the highest expectations are on reliable and undisturbed meter reading. The new metering solution also brings comprehensive power grid monitoring capabilities to Tornion Energia. These include, for example, visibility into the power outage data of the metering points and neutral wire faults.

– I expect the cooperation with Aidon, as well as the entire project, to run smoothly and without delays. So far, things have progressed in this way, Reijo Sorvoja says.

Aidon‘s Project Manager Timo Räsänen has long experience in running AMM projects.

– The project with the oldest energy company in Sea Lapland has started swiftly and in the spirit of open cooperation. We are expecting a straightforward delivery project, which will provide Tornion Energia with reliable and high-performance technology, a modern system platform and Aidon’s strong local support, Timo Räsänen says.