Pressemeldinger 14.09.2021

Aidon started as metering service provider for Elenia – installations of over 400,000 metering devices begun

In September, Finland’s 2nd largest energy distribution service operator Elenia started the mass roll-out phase of their electricity metering project. During the project, over 400,000 customers will get new metering devices delivered by Aidon. As part of the renewal, Aidon started as the provider of metering services to Elenia. The solution will meet the requirements of the Finnish Government’s new Act on next-generation electricity metering, published in August.

With the solution delivered by Aidon, Elenia will move to a completely new energy metering technology in terms of reading platform, metering devices and data transfer. Aidon’s new cloud technology based solution provides more real time and accurate data from electricity consumption points and distribution grid, enabling proactive monitoring and active management of the distribution grid. The new metering and diagnostic features of the devices make the electricity meter a sensor capable of identifying potential disruptions and components prone to faults in the grid in advance, thus helping Elenia to ensure a reliable electricity distribution.

The cooperation with Elenia will significantly increase Aidon’s software and service business, the development of which the company has invested on strongly in recent years. Part of the development work was done together with Elenia as a joint innovation project.

– The goal of the innovation project with Elenia was to create a strong technology platform which provides the performance, scalability and information security required to meet the demands of the continuously developing smart grid. In addition, the possibility to add new features and services to the system constantly throughout its lifespan has been a significant factor steering the development. It’s been a pleasure to follow the seamless cooperation between Aidon and Elenia teams. The platform developed as the result of this cooperation has now been deployed and the mass installations of Aidon’s new device generation have started. We want to be the trendsetter of the new smart grid innovations also in the future, Tommi Blomberg, CEO of Aidon says.

– The entire energy system is going through a great transformation, which also requires developing network services. We contribute to this change by renewing the electricity grid and its technology. Electricity is increasingly being used to get rid of the use of fossil fuels. This means that grid services will become a key contributor to climate actions. In the future, the metering system and devices developed together with Aidon will allow also households to participate in the elasticity of demand without compromising on comfortable everyday living, Ville Sihvola, Vice President of Elenia says.

Aidon will deliver to Elenia a total of over 400,000 new generation electricity meters by the end of 2024. Device installations will be carried out by Elenia’s partner Voimatel. For data transfer the meters will use the new LTE-M / NB-IoT mobile technology provided as a service by mobile operator Elisa. The installations of the new devices started at the beginning of September in Pirkanmaa and will continue in phases to new areas. All meters will be changed by early 2025.

More information:
Tommi Blomberg, CEO, Aidon, tel. 040 642 8185, email
Ville Sihvola, Vice President, Elenia, tel. 040 560 1595, email


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