Pressemeldinger 27.03.2019

Aidon delivers next generation metering system to Eskilstuna in Sweden

ESEM will soon upgrade its meters to a new generation Aidon devices. Photo: ESEM

Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi & Miljö (ESEM) has chosen Aidon as the supplier of its next generation energy metering solution. The contract covers a head-end system, 65,000 energy meters, 7,500 district heat meters as well as the device installation and project management. The value of the contract is 15 M€.

In addition to measurement of energy consumption, the new system enables versatile possibilities for grid monitoring, providing ESEM with real-time information about its low voltage distribution network.

– Aidon’s solid experience of large-scale projects gave us confidence with the purchase of the new solution. With the new meters we will be able to detect outages immediately, which enables us to fix faults faster, says Fredrik Andersson, service manager at Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi & Miljö.

As many municipal utilities, ESEM takes care of the distribution of electricity, water, as well as district heating to its customers. By utilising the Aidon multi-utility solution, which is part of the contract, ESEM will collect values from district heat meters via the same metering infrastructure as electricity meters.

The implementation of the new system as well as the device installations will begin in autumn 2019. The project will be divided into phases and finished by 2024.

In Sweden, ca 5.4 million electricity meters will be changed by the end of 2024. The reason for this is the new legislation according to which the energy distribution system operators must use more detailed data for managing the supply quality, to provide their customers with the possibility to manage their own consumption, as well as shorten the imbalance settlement period to 15 minutes according to EU regulation.

Aidon is the leading provider of energy metering solutions, smart grid applications and services in the Nordics. Aidon’s technology is in use in more than 3 million energy metering points in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Aidon has its headquarters in Jyväskylä, Finland and offices in Vantaa, Finland, in Solna, Sweden and in Asker, Norway.