Nyhetsartikler 18.06.2019

Increased efficiency with Aidon’s cloud service

Increased efficiency is the goal when Aidon takes over the operation of Glitre Energi Nett’s AMM system. With the ACloud solution Glitre can save costs in the system operation and maintenance.

– At Glitre we are constantly working to find ways to do our work more efficiently. We believe that Aidon will be able to develop and run the Gateware central system more efficiently than what we can manage alone, says Tore Morten Wetterhus, CEO of Glitre Energi Nett.

That is why Glitre Energi Nett and Aidon signed in May a contract for ACloud service in which Aidon provides full Gateware functionality as a cloud computing service. Glitre’s goal is an increased efficiency and cost savings:  when Aidon is in charge of running the AMM system, Glitre does not need to allocate its own resources to its operation and maintenance.

– During the one-year project we will cooperate with Aidon to develop the service further together. Our common target is to achieve a high quality AMM service at a lower cost, Tore Morten Wetterhus says.

100 000 customers got a smart meter

Glitre Energi Nett is a distribution service operator located in Drammen, south-west of Oslo. The company completed in November 2018 their AMM project after a two-year roll-out period. During that time, Giltre’s 100,000 customers got a new Aidon energy service device installed.

– This was the largest investment and biggest project in Gliter Energi Nett’s history, and it has gone really well, commented CEO Tore Morten Wetterhus at the completion of the project in November.

Now the cooperation continues in a Software as a Service model based on Aidon’s ACloud solution.

– We are very pleased that Glitre Energi Nett with its 100,000 customers chose to enter into in this agreement.  Glitre is a forward-looking company with high ambitions and we look forward to a further cooperation, says Thor-Erik Næss, Managing director of Aidon Norway.