Nachrichtenartikel 31.01.2023

Danish NKE-Elnet verifies the benefits of modern technology with Aidon’s solution

The Danish distribution network operator NKE-Elnet has chosen Aidon’s solution to replace part of the company’s current electricity metering and reading system.  The aim of the project is to gain experience of the benefits of modern reading technology.

NKE-Elnet is responsible for electricity distribution to approximately 18,000 customers located in Næstved, in the south-west of Sjelland, Denmark.  The need for accurate and up-to-date information for the management of the distribution network was a decisive factor when it decided to renew part of its metering and reading system with Aidon’s solution.  The package delivered by Aidon comprises 7000 series household, CT and CT/VT meters with data connectivity, a SaaS-based head-end system and Aidon One solution for low-voltage network management.

– In order to provide the best service and ensure high-quality electricity distribution to our customers, it is important that we are at the forefront of development. We chose Aidon as the supplier of our new smart electricity meters. The meters can give us accurate, up-to-date information, send alerts about deviations and peaks, and give us  the necessary overview of all this, says Peder Hansen, head of the NKE-Elnet power grid department.

With previous meters, NKE-Elnet faced challenges in collecting electricity consumption data. The first experience with the new Aidon meters has been good: data collection started immediately after installation.

– With the help of the Aidon meters and the user-friendly head-end system, we have gained access to a lot of new and relevant information that we did not have before. We can now plan and prioritise the renewal of the electricity grid much better. This project has made us a forerunner in grid efficiency and digitalisation, while avoiding possible costly and potentially unnecessary upgrades. This is beneficial for both us and our customers, says Peder Hansen.

Carlo Lazar, Aidon’s Country Manager in Denmark as of August 2022, is happy about the start on the Danish market:

– We are very pleased with the trust of NKE-Elnet and the fact that they value our solutions and the cooperation with Aidon, says Carlo Lazar.