Kundenberichte 15.10.2020

Porvoo Electricity Network halved the number of installer visits

Halved number of installers’ visits and faster fault correction. These are two positive effects which Porvoo Electricity Network has gained from using Aidon One service, which gives them an overview of both the electricity network and streetlights on a map view.

In Porvoo on the southern coast of Finland, Porvoo Electricity Network is responsible for electricity distribution to 35,000 electricity subscribers. In addition, the company has an extensive responsibility for the city’s streetlights. Aidon One has become an important tool that streamlines the job of the grid operations team as well as customer service staff and installers of the DSO as well as partner companies.

– Aidon One supports our work by collecting data from our other systems and displaying it in a map view. It gives us a clear overview when we receive an alarm from an electricity meter or a fault report from a customer. In Aidon One, we have direct access to updated customer information and history of the type of measures we have done in the past for that customer and at that metering point, says Tomas Nordström, Customer Service Manager at Porvoo Electricity Network.

Tomas Nordström, Customer Service Manager at Porvoo Electricity Network

Aidon One is used via a map view. It makes the service easy to use even for those who are not specialists of electricity distribution networks.

– The map view simplifies and speeds up troubleshooting and localisation of the faults, and also helps in work planning by allowing us to immediately see the nearby metering points that need to be visited. The users of Aidon One can choose what information they want to see in their map view, depending on what tasks they are going to solve, says Tomas Nordström.

Instant fault-finding

Aidon One is an effective tool for finding faults on the low-voltage network. When a meter detects an error, an alarm is generated and displayed in Aidon One’s map view. In the information about the alarm, you can see what kind of fault it is, and if a similar fault has occurred in the same place before. You can check if the fault affects more than one customer by selecting the desired area on the map. Aidon One then shows the status of all metering points in the selected area.

Once the location, type and extent of the fault is mapped, actions can be taken quickly. You create a work order directly in Aidon One and assign the order to the installer who is closest. The installer then gets the task added to his to-do list on his mobile device.

– In our company, the number of installers’ repair visits has halved thanks to Aidon One. Now that we see the details of the faults, we can sort out several of them directly with the customer over the phone without sending someone to check it. And by seeing where the faults are located, we can plan the work of the installers better, so that they take care of several different cases during the same trip. According to my calculations, this has meant savings of tens of thousands of euros for us, says Tomas Nordström.

Problems fixed the very next day

Aidon One shows alarms on a map.

Porvoo Electricity Network has opened an Aidon One-based online service on their website to collect customers‘ fault reports if there is something wrong with electricity distribution or streetlights. When a person moving around the street sees a stretch of street that is dark at night, he or she can report the error directly with his mobile phone and also add a picture to the notification.

Aidon One then creates a work order based on the notification. A notification made in the evening is then included on the installers‘ task list the very next morning. At best, the lights will be on again the next evening before dark.

– Today, 85% of streetlight problems and 25% of all problems related to energy distribution are reported through Aidon One’s online service. This corresponds to 2000 reports per year. The online service thus saves us a lot of phone calls and at the same time reduces the need for the customer service team to register the reports manually, says Tomas Nordström.