Smart Energy Service Devices

Aidon’s 6000 and 7000 series Energy Service Devices (ESD) combine a meter, connectivity, versatile sensors, and interfaces with high performance. The reliable device platform is designed to meet the requirements and demanding conditions of the Nordic distribution network companies.

Several benefits

The device has a clear design, a robust structure, and it is easy to install. Remote upgradability enables the deployment of new applications and activation of new functionality during the device’s lifecycle.

7000 series with innovative features

The new 7000 series devices come with unprecedented features such as the High-Speed Data Collection interface (HSDC) with extremely accurate sampling capability. It enables versatile and real-time controls and diagnostic applications.

System module – for seamless upgrades

The energy service device consists of an electricity meter and a system module. The system module takes care of the data transmission from the energy service device, and the type of the module is selected according to the used communication technology. A system module separate from the meter makes it possible to introduce new connectivity technology during the system lifecycle without changing the meter.

How it works

The meter measure energy consumption and produce information based on it at specified intervals, for example 15 or 60 minutes. The system module controls the meter and enables provision of time-stamped registry values, control of loads, monitoring of power quality, registration of power outages and fault information, as well as the reading of external status information.

Aidon 6000 series Energy Service Devices

Aidon 7000 series Energy Service Devices